Takagi SlitLamp 300XL

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300XL Slitlamp

Type:  Galilean converging binocular stereomicroscope
Magnification: changer  Five-position rotating drum
Eyepieces:  Five-position rotating drum
Total magnification: 5x, 8x, 12.5x, 20x, 31x
Real field of view (diameter): 45mm, 28mm, 18mm, 11mm, 7mm
Interpupillary adjustment range: 52 – 85 mm

Diopter adjustment range: +/- 5 diopters

Base Unit:
Longitudinal (coarse) movement:110mm
Lateral (coarse) movement:110mm
Horizontal (fine) movement:15mm
Vertical movement:30mm

Chinrest Unit:
Elevation stroke: 70mm

Illumination Unit
Slit width: 0-10mm continuously variable
(at 10mm, slit becomes a circle)
Aperture diaphragm (diameter): 10mm, 7mm, 5mm, 3mm, 1mm, 0.3mm
Filters: HA (heat-absorbing), G (red-free), B (excitation)
Light source: 12V 30W halogen bulb

Power Unit :

Input voltage: AC100V – 240V (+/- 10%)
Power consumption: 98VA (+/- 10% max.)

Fixation Light Unit (Optional Accessory):
Fixation light source: Red LED
Input voltage: AC100V – 240V (+/- 10%)

Weight:  14kg

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