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Twenty four years ago, we as a group of friends decided to combine our experience and know-how in the medical equipment and appliances industry and launch a business, whose aim was to provide very high quality equipment with very high levels of service. It was during the war years and we knew that we’d face difficulties and hurdles but we were motivated by our genuinely held belief that “our people deserve to have only the best”.
We talked to our ophthalmologist friends, obtained their advice and having designed our business practices and planned for logistical challenges, we commenced importing ophthalmic equipment and instruments and began to form relationships with the top suppliers of ophthalmic equipment taking particular care to only bring to market those items that had excellent levels of quality, durability and reputations. Our company, FajreShahed, rapidly became established as one of the top companies in this field.
We worked hard to progress and develop. As we expanded, we moved offices to a new five-story building in the heart of Tehran. We now represent twenty well-known companies from the United States of America, Europe all the way to the Far East, each one of which work with us to deliver high quality products and services to our customers.

We have established strong relationships with the majority of ophthalmologists in the country and this has resulted in providing us with a greater sense of responsibility.
During the last years, we have been the primary sponsors for most of the major ophthalmic events around the country. Further, to keep our eye surgeons up to date with the latest research and procedures, we have arranged for scientific tours to major international congresses, especially ESCRS, thus allowing for our doctors to participate fully in these events.
We are constantly striving to make new advances. We never believe in the finishing line because the human mind knows no limits and technology is forever advancing.

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Tehran Office

Phone: +982188344435-8
Fax: 88344439

Address: No. 1, East second , Karim khan zand St,Tehran, Iran

Shiraz Office

Phone: +987132345107
Address: No 1, First Floor,Nasim building, 8th Alley,
Haft e tir st , Shiraz, Iran

Mashhad Office

Address: Ground Floor, No 8,Pasdarn’s 3/1, Pasdaran St,Mashhad, Iran

Isfahan Office

Address: Second Floor, Saba Building, Corner Of Eighteen Valley, Arbab St, Sajad St,Isfahan, Iran